Paul Harrell Tests Non-Expanding Bullets for CC

In this video, Paul Harrell tests three different types of non-hollowpoint ammo for the benefit of viewers who live in areas where hollowpoint ammunition is outlawed.

He tests the ammo in this order:

1) Magtech 9mm Luger with 124 grain jacketed soft round point bullet.

2) Winchester Super Clean 9mm Luger with 90 grain lead free flat point copper-jacketed zinc core bullet. (Winchester calls it a full metal jacket, but in truth the zinc core is exposed at the flat nose of the bullet, and the jacket is notched as you’d expect to see on a jacketed hollowpoint bullet.)

3) Underwood Superior Performance 9mm Luger +P 65 grain Xtreme Defender with solid copper non-expanding bullet. I couldn’t find this on Underwood’s website, but they do have a 68-grain version which seems similar.

For testing, he uses a Sig P365 since this is about concealed carry for self-defense.

Five rounds of each were fired from a distance of 7 yards, with the following results:

Magtech soft point — didn’t expand, pretty much just punched 9mm holes through the patented meat target and all were stopped by the high tech fleece bullet stop.

Winchester Super Clean zinc (tin?) core — didn’t expand but jacket did peel away a little, pretty much just punched 9mm holes through the patented meat target and two of five penetrated the fleece.

Underwood Superior Performance all-copper “cut-off Philips-head screwdriver” — produced a lot of impressive damage, penetrated less than the others, zero bullet deformation.

So… if you can’t use hollowpoint or expanding bullets, those Underwoods — priced at $1 per shot plus tax & shipping — might be a viable option. Providing your pistol is rated for +P ammo, of course. (They do offer a non-+P 9mm option, rated at 1700 FPS instead of 1800.)

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